Brunch in- the city #4 Barcelona

Very happy to have been invited to the 4th Brunch this season! This event is still one of my big favorites in Barcelona.

This time I was able to enjoy the following never- disappointing line-up:


A big surprising element this time was to see a live-band playing at the Brunch. Not exactly the kind of music I was expecting … And in my humble opinion… I loved the band but maybe not the right setting. After 30 minutes the electronic music resumed, the place was packed and all the ingredients were there to get the party started.

Also this time there was no lack of various food and beverage stands with recognized brands like Jose Cuervos, Ron Barcelo and many more! And of course the chill-out areas to relax.

Conclusion: Amazing day with amazing weather

Hurry up and get your entrance for the next event because so far this season every Brunch has been completely sold out.


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