Gifts can take many forms, and the ultimate goal is to bring joy to someone. However, some presents are more meaningful than others; jewelry is one of the most common! While clothing, shoes, hats, and coats are all excellent gifts, they do not hold the same sentimental value as jewels. They have something special, perhaps because certain pieces represent important milestones in people’s lives such as engagements, weddings, births, and graduations. It could also be due to the higher price tag, requiring considerable time and effort to acquire it.

When searching for a gift for someone, it can be difficult to determine if it will suit their personality. However, jewels are a great option as they are suitable for any personality and do not discriminate based on body type or skin tone. Unlike other items, jewelry is versatile and can look good on everybody. Finding the right piece of jewelry that suits the person’s style and comfort level is the key to making a successful purchase.

When you reflect upon the gifts you have received over the years, consider which ones are still being used. Even the still functional ones are either relatively new or on their last legs. On the other hand, jewels can be cherished and enjoyed for generations. There are timeless jewelry styles that will never become outdated.

Fortunately, there are jewelry options for every budget without compromising quality. Here are two women-owned, sustainable, and ethical brands we recommend.


Joia is Creativity & Finesse! This label wants women to feel precious, elegant, confident and independent wearing their magnificent jewellery!

Every single collection is handmade. All the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and Rings, are produced in Greece, Cyprus and Spain, mainly sterling silver 925, 18k gold plated and the final touches are added with semi-precious stones.


This jewellery is made using traditional Indonesian techniques and hand tools, and employing recycled materials. To add the finishing touch, unique crystals and gems, as well as a coating of 24k gold, are used. The brand aims to share the deep spiritual connection between the brand owner and Mother Earth, through the jewellery. The designs are imbued with strength, love, and positive energy, and are brought to life by skilled artisans.

The jewels suit everyone; they can be worn as everyday accessories or on special occasions like weddings. They can be styled with any outfit to feel spiritually strong and protected while looking fashionable and sustainable.

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