It is well known that as people are becoming more aware of the impact that their clothing has on the environment, sustainable fashion is gaining popularity. Eco-friendly swimwear brands have been growing at a rate of 400% higher year on year when compared to traditional swimwear brands, as customers are increasingly searching for more environmentally friendly options.

Traditional swimwear is often made from synthetic materials, such as Nylon, that are produced using virgin yarns. These materials are responsible for polluting the ecosystem with thousands of tons of plastics, which further harm marine life as they release non-biodegradable microplastics while you swim or wash them. In contrast to traditional swimwear, Sustainable Swimwear aims to address the issue of environmental pollution caused by discarded plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other ocean waste. To achieve this, recycled yarns are used, which require less energy and water to produce, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment.

It’s essential to know that using sustainable and recycled swimwear can help clean the oceans, preserve marine life, and reduce carbon waste in the atmosphere. Even after the swimwear has been discarded, it can be repurposed indefinitely in an environmentally friendly way.

To ensure that the swimwear you’re purchasing is sustainable and recycled, it’s crucial to check the certifications, as many companies claim to be sustainable to sell their products at a higher price. Some of the essential certifications to look out for are GRS (Global Recycled Standard), U Trust, and OEKO-TEX. ECONYL in Italy and REPREVE in the US are the most notable yarn manufacturers specializing in recycled fabrics, and they ensure their yarns and fabrics are certified by GRS, Oeko-Tex, and U Trust.

Look no further than our curated list of trusted swimwear brands! From stylish designs to durable materials, these labels have everything you need to make a splash while staying environmentally conscious. So why wait? Check out our list today and find the perfect swimwear for your kids and you!

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